Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. You may have landed here because you’re wondering what this Vegas blog is all about. Here are the basics…

First, the name is a reference to the book and film Leaving Las Vegas. It’s beautiful, it’s tragic, it captures an aspect of this city that I don’t see often portrayed. If you’ve never read it, or seen the film, I highly recommend.

As far as the blog is concerned, I love writing. The written word has fascinated me since before I can remember. My mother has entries in my baby book of me pestering her with books as soon as I could walk, and I have my own memories of attempting to learn The Raven by heart as a child. Some girls want to be princesses and prom queens; I wanted to be Scheherazade (or Daria, depending on the day). I’ve had some of my writing appear on websites like The Culture Trip and Thought Catalog. I haven’t yet realized my dream of writing full-time, but I’m working on it.

Las Vegas has been home my entire life. When I tell people that, and more to the point that I was actually born here, they look at me in complete shock.

“You’re actually from Vegas?”

“Oh, wow. Don’t meet too many of you!”

And so on and so on.

One of my favorite additions to downtown Las Vegas.

Being from Las Vegas has had an interesting impact on my own travels. I am constantly perplexed by the notion of “last call”, I can’t get over the fact that “open 24 hours” isn’t a thing everywhere, and I can’t seem to pack right for the weather yet.

Being from such a transient city, I felt my interest in other places and people was only natural. I worked at Mandalay Bay in my younger years and had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. It engendered an early interest in traveling, and it’s been within the last few years I’ve started crossing places off my bucket list. But the more places I go, the more I realize Vegas has its charms too. It is my ultimate goal to share the city I see every day (and the places around it) here with you.

My plan is to cover a variety of topics on this blog but beyond that, I hope to inform and at times, entertain. But what exactly can you expect to find here? Here you’ll read about some of the bars you can crawl in downtown Las Vegas, some of the best desserts you’ll find around the city, among other things.

Get travel tips for your next (or first) Vegas vacation. Learn the easiest ways to save money when you’re visiting and discover all the places you can take your pets. Discover some simple day trips you can take from Las Vegas, or if you’re a local, check out some of the up-and-coming restaurants and shops in your neighborhoods.

Learn how us locals live, and the major events and figures who have made this city into what it is today. We can discuss why I think downtown is far better than the Strip, or about the newest shows on the Strip.

Sit down a stay a while! I hope you found what you were looking for here, and that you’ll come back again and again.

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