Las Vegas Foodie Inspiration: Cafe Lola

Café Lola, from the inside, looks like it belongs in Paris, or on some New York City block. Located in Summerlin, far away from the Strip, this little eatery stands out. Whether it’s with their bottomless rosé, their charcuterie or one of their many crafty coffee creations, Café Lola offers a unique culinary experience that can’t be compared.

I discovered Café Lola on accident. As I was driving around, waiting for my food to be ready at the Buffalo Wild Wings next door, I ventured next door to check out the bright-white café in the middle of a nondescript business plaza. I was surprised to find one of the brightest, cleanest cafes I’ve ever seen. The pink and white décor, as well as the floral wall that is the focal piece of the café, make it seem like Barbie herself designed it, and I was immediately intrigued.

Seating can be limited if you go during their peak hours, which tends to be during the lunch hour.  But if you visit on the weekend, take advantage of their Rosé All Day.

With such an eclectic menu full of artisan drinks, it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve made my way down their coffee/latte list first; my personal favorite is the Vanilla Rose Tea Latte, which comes served with a rose macaron. There’s also the Donut Frappe, which comes with a small donut, and the Cupcake Latte (I’ll let you guess what that one is served with).  But beyond that, they serve breakfast and lunch, and depending on the time of day, champagne and tea.

Café Lola is a place every coffee lover should try at least once. It’s a place you can go to get some work done, or just to have a mimosa with your girlfriends. The service is impeccable, and there is always something new to try whenever you go.

Have you been to Café Lola? Have you seen them on Instagram? Let me know down below.

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