Photo Tour: Downtown Las Vegas Art

Downtown Las Vegas has gone through a makeover over the last decade.

When I was a kid, it was little more than old hotels with ugly carpet, standalone businesses, and meth houses. No joke – I’m positive even some of the “art houses” you’ll find in the Arts District now are former cooking houses. It was a relic of sorts, a part of town left behind by progress. But after the intervention of Tony Hsieh, downtown Las Vegas was hurdled into the present. Businesses were renovated, new ones were open, and murals began to pop out seemingly overnight. Some of them rotate, some of them are there to stay (for as long as street art can “stay”, I guess).

For this post, I thought I would compile a collection of some of my favorite murals, past and present, that I’ve found in downtown Las Vegas. Some of them are easy to find, others you’ll have to venture down alleys to locate (and I really don’t recommend doing that if you’re by yourself). It’s interesting to watch that part of the city’s evolution, and I’m curious to see what direction in takes in the future.

Side note: I can’t find my notes on the street corners as to where these were taken. So if you want to find them, you’ll have to go exploring! šŸ˜‰

by L. Wilder


by L. Wilder

This is one of the many Life is Beautiful murals that you’ll find downtown. ^^^

by L. Wilder

I’m not sure who did this one, but it caught my eye the moment I came around the corner. ^ It’s close to Donut Bar on 6th Street.


Exterior of Cannabition Museum at Neonopolis.
by L. Wilder

This gem is just outside Atomic Style Lounge along Main Street. ^


This is a memorial to the Oct. 1 shooting. This one is off Main Street, I believe.

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