Shows on the Strip: Celestia

One of the best things about coming to Vegas is the live entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a concert, a sporting event, or a live performance, Las Vegas has something that everyone can enjoy. Each hotel has a headliner, whether it’s Donny & Marie at the Flamingo, Mystere at T.I., O at the Bellagio, or the Blue Man Group inside the Luxor. For a long time, the Stratosphere (it’s technically now “The Strat” – sorry, old habits die hard) has relied on the attractions at the top of their needle for their entertainment outlets, but now under rebranding and a new name, they strive to expand and reach new audiences. Their first endeavor is the magical mystery, circus ride known as Celestia. It’s not Cirque du Soleil, but it’s a fun big-top tent show that is fun for all ages.

Celestia follows a young alien with the same name, as she comes across a colorful cast of characters and share her magic. As she imparts her light upon them, they are suddenly filled with the ability to do things they only dreamed of. There are aerialists, hand-to-hand acts, contortionists, and more. It follows somewhat of a variety-show format, with all the spectacle a circus show has to offer. The ticket prices are lower than other big-name shows you’ll find on the Strip, like Mystere, Blue Man Group, or Absinthe.

Tips for When You Go:

There’s no bad place to sit in the house, but if you’d rather not get streamers on you, sit on either side of the stage.  I would also suggest getting there early, so you can mingle and meet the performers in the show.

Another good reason to get there early is parking. The show’s tent is at the opposite end of the property from the parking garage, so you’ll have quite a walk if you’re driving there yourself.



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