Las Vegas Foodie Bucket List: Black Tap

I may have raved about the chicken and waffles in my last post about Bruxie in the Park, but this week allow me to wax poetic about Black Tap inside the Venetian.

Burger lovers – this one is for you.

Black Tap is a burger restaurant chain that started in New York City and have since expanded to Las Vegas and Singapore. They are known for the unique spins on the classic American hamburger like the Pizza Burger or the Falafel Burger, and their over-the-top, monster-sized milkshakes (which can come with alcohol if you so desire). I discovered Black Tap from the colorful photos all over Instagram, and decided I needed to check it out.

On the burger side of the menu, my personal favorite is the steak au poivre. If you’re not in the mood for something heavy, try the Californian. Vegan options are limited but there are some choices available, such as the Vegan Burger (which comes with a black bean patty) and the Falafel burger. All burger options are available as salads. There’s chicken options on the menu too, but I know it’s considered by some sacrilege to some to get chicken as a burger place. But I digress.

Heaven. by L. Wilder

You can go just for the milkshakes; they are big enough to share and sweet enough to possibly send you into a diabetic coma. They have your standard flavors: vanilla, chocolate, etc. but the stars of the show are their Krazy Shakes. My favorite was the Sweet & Salty (peanut butter & chocolate lovers unite!) but you can never go wrong with the Cookies & Cream. The Bam-Bam and the Cotton Candy is something right out Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but chocolate lovers will want to try the Brooklyn Blackout. They have seasonal and holiday options available so keep an eye out for those too.



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