Las Vegas Foodie Bucket List: Bruxie

There are so many places to eat inside the Park on the Las Vegas Strip, but I am going to urge you to give Bruxie your consideration.

Bruxie is an all-American style eatery located in the Park, within walking distance from the New York New York and the Monte Carlo. They keep their menu simple – they are a chicken and waffles joint – but they have so many spins on the classic dish, it never gets old. It’s not an expensive place to eat in comparison to some of its neighbors, and it’s grab-and-go setting make it an ideal spot to try if you’re exploring the Strip, or if you in search of a quick meal to counteract all the alcohol you’ve just consumed.

by L. Wilder

The last time I went I got the Holy Chicken, with comes with a fried egg and bacon. It looks like a small sandwich at first glance, but it took me nearly an hour to finish my food. Chicken and waffles is already a dish that comes packed with flavor, but the egg an extra layer of richness that I (pleasantly) wasn’t ready for. If you’re not into the “breakfast for dinner” idea, other popular dishes include the El Jefe (it comes with coleslaw and jalapenos) and the Kickin’ Chicken.

If you’re going to a Golden Knights game, it’s a great place to go before you make your way into the stadium. If you can’t afford to go to the game, it’s a great place to watch with other fans that populate the Strip. It’s really a great spot to stop before any show in the immediate vicinity, whether it’s Zumanity inside New York New York, Ka across the street at MGM, or one of the many residency shows taking place at Park Las Vegas. It’s unique, it’s fairly-priced, and its fast service, and a must-try for any foodie that is visiting Las Vegas.

Have you been to Bruxie? What did you think?


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