Las Vegas Spring Break Checklist 2019

Spring Break is just around the corner for a lot of people, and it means that one of Las Vegas’ busiest tourist seasons is upon us. Pools are starting to open up all around the city, including the new Kaos Dayclub at the Palms, and the weather is getting warm enough to stay out all hours of the night. If you’re coming to Vegas for spring break and you’ve never been here before, you might be wondering what you should pack. Below are a few of my suggestions for a spring break in Las Vegas.

Quick Tip

If you forget something or come across an item you didn’t anticipate needing, hit up Walgreens. They’re much cheaper than the convenience stories inside the hotels, and have a much wider selection of items to choose from.

What to Pack:

Clear plastic tote

This will be useful if you plan on attending events (like concerts or basketball games) or pool parties. You can find a million options, either in your local Target, Walmart, or here on Amazon.


You need sunscreen all year in Las Vegas, but especially once it starts to warm up. I personally like to stay within the 30-45 range when it comes to SPF, but you can decide what’s best for you. Here you’ll find a couple different options:

EltaMD Clear Facial Sunscreen

Neutrogena Dry Touch-Resistant Non-Greasy Sunscreen


You need sunglasses no matter where you go in Vegas, especially if you spend all day at the pool or you spend all day in the mountains.

Portable charger

Chargers are the one thing I hate having to re-buy. I’m also terrible at remembering to charge my phone every night. If you bring a portable charger with you, you won’t have to be at the mercy of charging stations and open outlets. That is, if you remember to take it with you.


Backpacks, for me, cause less stress than carrying a purse. First, I find I don’t get as much shoulder pain from a backpack, and I can usually bring everything I need (including sketchbooks and pencils).  I generally charge

Cell Phone Card Holder

You can decide how you want to carry your money, but I’m a big fan of traveling light and sometimes, you just don’t have a place to put a wallet.  If you bring a card holder that attaches to the back of your phone, you can minimize the number of things you need to carry.  This option hinges on you being able to keep track of your phone of course, so use wisely.


You can’t come to Vegas and not bring a swimsuit. Mostly because that’s just wrong, but also you don’t want to have to buy a new one while you’re here.

Roll up ballet shoes

Bring along a pair of roll-up ballet flats If you’ve ever had to remove your heels halfway through a night out, will be a lifesaver for the nights you want to wear heels but get too drunk to keep them on.

Walking shoes

If you’re going anywhere on the Strip, you’ll want shoes you can walk in. If you plan on doing anything physical, you’re going to need comfortable shoes.

Flip flops

For the trips to and from the pool. You can buy them in most hotel gift shops, but they charge you an arm and a leg for them. Hit up Old Navy in your hometown before you go and stock up.

Band Aids

Just in case walking the Strip is too much on your feet, or you trip and fall after too many cocktails.

Liquid IV/Hangover

Keep packets of Liquid IV on hand when you’re in Vegas, and you’ll be able to keep the party going on all night.





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