Las Vegas Entertainment on a Budget

Because hotels on the Strip are getting more and more expensive, you may find yourself wanting to trim your vacation budget in other areas. Entertainment is an easy one to tackle; from the Bellagio fountains, to the hiking trails of Red Rock, you can find plenty of things to do that will put little to no pressure on your wallet – you just have to go looking for them. To get you started, here are just some of the budget-friendly entertainment options you’ll find in Las Vegas:

The Dirty at 12:30

The Dirty at 12:30 is a comedy show that takes place every night inside the Grandview lounge at the Southpoint Hotel & Casino. It’s a free show open to anyone and everyone, although if you want to reserve a table, there is a 2-drink minimum. Most of the shows consist of local and touring comedians, with past guests like Joe Rogan, Roy Wood Jr. (of the Daily Show) and Alonzo Bodden gracing the stage.

Visit for more information.

Fremont Street Experience

This is an obvious one. Besides the fountains at the Bellagio, Fremont Street Experience is one of the top tourist destinations you’ll find in Las Vegas. And like the fountains, seeing Fremont Street is completely free. Every night, on the hour, check out the elaborate light show that shoots across the 1,500-foot long LED screen known as Viva Vision. The shows change on a regular basis, so if you’ve been before, check it out again – and do some ziplining while you’re at it.

Take in some dinner theater

This is the most expensive item on this list but in terms of show prices, dinner theater is one of the more budget-friendly options you’ll find in Las Vegas. If you’re traveling with kids, consider checking out the Tournament of Kings. If you’re by yourself or traveling with friends, check out Marriage is Murder at the D. Both are excellent shows (but Tournament of Kings is a little easier on the wallet).

The Bellagio Conservatory & Ceiling Garden

If you’ve never been to the fountains, I’m going to guess you’ve never seen the conservatory inside the Bellagio. While the fountains get all the recognition for their elaborate displays of engineering and beauty, the conservatory and ceiling garden are ever-evolving works of art. The conservatory display changes throughout the year, depending on the holiday or season, but the ceiling garden is a permanent fixture for everyone to enjoy.


Art lovers won’t want to miss Akhob. I found out about this one via Sober in Vegas’ blog a few months ago, and it is a surprising little gem you’ll find tucked away inside City Center. The light installation, created by artist James Turrell, is located on the fourth floor of the Louis Vuitton store. Only four people are allowed in at a time, unless you’re traveling in a group, then the group size can go up to six.  But call in advance; tours are booked usually 6-8 weeks out.

The Mob Museum

The Mob Museum is an old favorite. Visitors can get an inside look at the history of organized crime, as well as the men & women who helped put an end to the mob’s heyday in Las Vegas. General admission for non-Nevada residents starts at 26.95, with add-ons available at an additional cost. Located in downtown Las Vegas, you can also visit the Fremont Experience, enjoy the zipline, and get burgers at White Castle before you leave.

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