Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Las Vegas

When I go on road trips, I like to take my dogs. In fact, I don’t take a road trip unless it’s one I know my dog can go along with me on, and that requires a lot of pre-planning on my end. Anyone coming to Las Vegas likely has to do the same thing.

In the past, I’ve written about things you can do with your dog in Las Vegas, and places you can spoil your pet, because Las Vegas hasn’t the most dog-friendly city to travel to. But thankfully, that trend has started to change. Las Vegas is slowly but surely becoming a more pet-friendly destination, for both residents and tourists. If you’re thinking of bringing your dog (or dogs) with you on your next visit, check out some of these spots:

Tips Before You Go:

  • If you’re staying on the Strip, keep one important thing in mind – you can’t walk your dog on the Strip. Pet-friendly hotels usually designate an area that you can take your dog for a quick walk or to use the bathroom, but you can’t stroll up and down Las Vegas Boulevard with your pet in tow. First, with all the people wandering about, it’s not safe for your dog (especially the little ones). Second, there was a city ordinance passed in 2016 that specifically banned pets on the Strip, particularly from the hours of 12-5 p.m.
  • Most of the pet-friendly hotels you’ll find have a limit of 2 dogs.
  • If you’re planning on an outdoor vacation in Vegas, especially in the summertime, I cannot stress enough the importance of water. And hiking booties! (if your dog will wear them.)

Food/Places to Eat


Fido’s Kitchen

If you’re interested in changing your dog’s diet, or you need to pick up some raw meals for your pet while you’re visiting, check out Fido’s Kitchen . Owner Marilyn Granados makes gourmet and raw entrees, jerkies and treats that are both healthy and appealing to your dogs. You can order in bulk, or try one of their pre-made meals if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to a large order. If you’ve got a cat, Fido’s also offers a feline meal option. Online ordering is available for your convenience.

Bogart’s Bone Appetit

Bogart’s Bone Appetit is a great all-around retail store on the west side of Las Vegas. Besides the bakery, Bogart’s also has a grooming salon on its property in case your pet needs a bath or a shave. Bogart’s offers a wide array of meat-flavored treats, and pet-safe desserts that will make your best friend drool. My dogs are big fans of their bully sticks, yogurt-flavored training treats, and the Vegas Golden Knights cookies from the bakery (sorry – “barkery”).

Lazy Dog

Lazy Dog is one of the handful of restaurants around the city that caters to pets and their humans. With two locations in the valley (one in Town Square and the other in Downtown Summerlin), guests and their canine companions can enjoy their meals on the outdoor dining patios. Lazy Dog offers a dog-specific menu too, so you don’t have to worry about your furry friend eating something he shouldn’t.

Park on Fremont

Park on Fremont is one of the many new additions to the downtown Las Vegas area. It’s located across from Heart Attack Grill and next door to Evel Pie, so it’s a great place to hit for some outdoor dining and people watching. Your pooch can join you on their outdoor patio as you enjoy their Backyard Bacon Cheeseburger or their pastrami sandwich known as “The Stoner”.


Things to Do/Places to Explore

If you and your pup are the outdoors type, check out some of these places in and around the Las Vegas area:

Explore Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a great place to visit year-round. In the summer, enjoy the escape from triple-digit temperatures and the gorgeous hiking trails (Cathedral Rock is a good one for pets). In the winter, let your dog loose in the snow-covered mountains to run, jump and play to his/her heart’s content. You can camp, you can hike, you can ski (Mount Charleston Lodge welcomes dogs of all sizes), and more.

Visit Lake Mead

Lake Mead is a great place to visit whether or not you have dogs. Lake Mead is the largest man-made body of water in Nevada, and serves as a popular outdoor getaway for locals and tourists. Take your dog down to the Special Events Beach, or take them through rafting on Muddy River, or have a picnic at Temple Bar Marina or stop and take a stroll down the Historic Railroad Trail.

Go for a Hike at Red Rock

Red Rock National Conservation Area is an ideal place for humans and pets alike to visit. If you go in the spring and summer, take all the necessary heat precautions, since you won’t find many trees or places for shade. Personally, I think Red Rock is ideal to visit in the spring and fall, but for those winter explorers, you and your dog can still bike, hike and camp to your heart’s content.

Valley of Fire

by L. Wilder

Valley of Fire is another great place for you and your pet to explore. Located south of Las Vegas along the Interstate 15, it’s about an hour drive away from the city. Valley of Fire is famous for being the first state park that came to be in Nevada, and has also served as the backdrop for films like Total Recall and Viva Las Vegas.  You and your pup can explore places like Elephant Rock, or check out the petroglyphs at Mouse’s Tank or Atlatl Rock. If you go in the summer, take all the necessary heat precautions for you and your pooch (scroll to the end of this post for a checklist).

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park is a historic place in Nevada, and sits adjacent to Red Rock National Conservation Area. It’s been used as a working ranch in the past, and is now open to the public for viewing. You and your pet can spend the day in Spring Mountain hiking, camping or enjoying one of the many outdoor events that take place throughout the year. You’ll find more vegetation and lower temperatures, so it’s a nice place to visit especially in the summer. There is a 10 dollar fee to enter the park.

Barx Park

Barx Park is one of the first indoor dog parks in the city. Located on Eastern and Pebble, it’s a nice place to go in the summer when it’s a little too hot to explore the outdoors. You have to register your dog with the park prior to entry, and you can pay either a monthly fee or pay per visit.

Hydrant Park

The Hydrant Club, located in downtown Las Vegas, puts a different kind of spin on a dog park. While they offer the typical dog park/boarding amenities, Hydrant Club offers a place for both socialization and education. This is not a public facility – a behavioral screening and vaccine records are required for membership – but if you can arrange these things in time for your visit, it’s a great place for you and your dog to spend some quality time together.

Luxe Pet Hotel

If you’d rather check your dog into a hotel of his own while you’re here, consider Luxe Pet Hotel. They offer rooms of all types for your pooch (all of which include personal television sets). If you opt for one of their Celebrity or High Roller options, your dog’s room can include 24-hour camera access, and memory foam beds. Luxe Pet Hotel does require proof of vaccination and a behavior assessment before your pet can stay.


Places to Stay

Finding a place to stay with pets can be tricky. There are only a handful of them that allow dogs on the Strip (or in the city itself) but as time goes on, more and more are catching onto the trend. Check out some of these places if you’re looking to visit Las Vegas with your pets:

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan is leading the dog-friendly trend on the Las Vegas Strip. As long as your dog is up to date on his/her shots, they can stay with you at the Cosmopolitan. The hotel imposes no breed restrictions but asks that you kennel your dog while it’s alone in your room. An additional fee of 50 dollars is added to your room per night, per dog (up to 2 are allowed in each room).

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood is another option if you want to or need to stay on the Strip. Planet Hollywood allows up to two dogs under 50 lbs (each) in rooms marked ‘PetStay’. Planet Hollywood assess a nightly fee of 75 dollars per dog, along with the refundable 100$ deposit.

Delano Las Vegas

Dubbed “dog friendly by design”, the Delano allows up to 2 dogs with a maximum combined weight of less than 100 pounds in each room. There is a 75$ fee assessed per day for each dog you check in with. The Delano, like the Cosmopolitan, also asks that guests kennel any unattended animals in the room during your stay. Dog sitting is available through the Concierge staff.

Caesar’s Palace

If you plan on visiting the Forum shops while you’re here, you may want to consider staying at Caesar’s Palace. Two dogs are allowed in each room for an additional 85 dollars a night per dog (two dogs are the maximum per room). Caesar’s also assesses a $100 refundable deposit for each night of your stay. Like the other hotels mentioned on this list, your dog/dogs must be in a kennel if they will be unattended in your room.

Paris Las Vegas

Another dog-friendly option in the Strip is the Paris Las Vegas. The Paris also allows canine companions on its property. Their pet policy is identical to Caesar’s Palace, with the same refundable nightly deposit.  Be sure to select a “Pet Stay” room when you reserve a room or check in; if you don’t, you might be in for a long wait while your reservation is fixed.

Pet Travel Checklist

Anyone who travels with pets knows you have to bring a few extras with you when you decide to bring them on your trip. This is especially true in a place like Las Vegas, where the temperatures can vary from the mid-30s to the mid-110s throughout the year. If you’re coming to Las Vegas and bringing your pet, consider bringing some of these items listed below:


This is a must. Keep water on hand for you and your pet at all times.

Hiking Shoes

Your dog might not need these, but I would consider bringing them along if you plan on doing a lot of hiking.


This is more vital for the summer time, but if you’ve got a pet that is prone to sunburns, keep a bottle of pet-safe sunscreen on hand. You might be able to find this in the convenience stories inside the hotels, but I would rather be safe than sorry.

Vaccine history

The hotel might ask for a vaccination list when you come to visit, so it’s best to have this on hand if you can.

Pet Carrier

If you don’t bring one, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Many of the hotels in the PetStay program will allow guests to rent crates, but if you’ve got your own, you’ll save yourself a little extra money every day.

Name Tags

Bring a name tag not just for their collar, but for any items that belong to them (crate, bag, etc.)


Pack some of your dog’s favorite toys for those moments when you need to leave them in your hotel room.

Old t-shirt/towel/blanket

This is for any furniture you might need to protect from dirty paws or hair. This one isn’t vital by any means, especially if you’re staying in one of the Pets Stay rooms mentioned earlier.


Bring along any medicine your pet needs on a regular basis, but I would also recommend some kind of calm and quiet supplement for those time when they need to be left in your room.

First Aid kit

A First Aid kit seems like it might be overkill, but I would recommend packing one of your own. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: some gauze, alcohol pads, scissors, an extra towel, etc., but you will get nickel-and-dimed at any of the convenience shops you try to shop in.




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