Things to Do in Vegas: Halloween 2018 Edition

I don’t know about you, but I love Halloween. It topped Christmas a number of years ago as my favorite holiday (mostly because I can wear fake blood and don’t have to buy anyone any presents).  One of the best things about the Halloween season in Vegas has long been Fright Dome, the month-long haunted house event that took place every year at Circus Circus Like many of my fellow Las Vegans, I was sad to learn that Fright Dome is not returning this year. It’s not clear what happened exactly and there is talk of Fright Dome returning, but until that time comes, we have to make due. Here are five things you can do in Las Vegas this Halloween season:

Fetish & Fantasy Ball

One event that shows no signs of going anywhere is the Hard Rock’s Fetish & Fantasy Ball. The event celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year; it’s one night of live performances and music that is often called the world’s wildest Halloween parties. Pretty much anything goes as far as the dress code, but there are a few restrictions (no nudity, no plastic anatomical parts, etc.)

Hit up a haunted house

One thing that is never in short supply are haunted houses. No matter where you are in the valley, you should be able to find a haunted house within your area. The Freakling Bros. puts on a good show every year, but Asylum and Hotel Fear, located inside the Meadows Mall parking lot, is a classic.

Trick or Treat at the LINQ

If you’ve got kids with you, the LINQ will be a great option for you. Every year, various retailers and restaurants hand out candy to kids (and adults) dressed in costume. While you crawl the LINQ promenade, you can check out the live performances and costume contests that take place.

Check out the Haunted Museum

If you’re a fan of the Travel Channel, you probably have heard of Zak Bagans. He’s the host of the show Ghost Adventures, and he has brought his love for all things paranormal to Las Vegas.  The museum is inside the former home of businessman Cyril Wengert.  Among the items for your viewing pleasure are Dr. Kevorkian’s death van on display, and the staircase from the 200 Demons House. The home has been said to house the spirits of Wengert’s family, but you’ll have to go and see for yourself.

Go through an escape room

Escape rooms are fun, no matter the time of year. Check out the Fear the Walking Dead Survival experience on Fremont Street, or go through the Saw Escape Room on Industrial, behind the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re not into scary ones, try the Lockdown Escape Rooms. This is ideal for groups, but you can join a bigger party if there’s only a couple of you.







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