Five Fun Places to Walk Your Dog Around Las Vegas

Anyone that likes to travel with their pets knows how hard it can be to plan pet-friendly activities. This is especially true in a place like the Las Vegas Strip, where city ordinances limit when and where dogs can be out in public. But if you’re in Las Vegas and you’ve got your dog with you, here are five fun places you can visit during your visit:

Floyd Lamb Park

Often described an oasis in the desert, Floyd Lamb Park is a great place to go if you’re traveling with dogs and/or kids.  Located in the northwest corner of the valley, Floyd Lamb encompasses a series of ponds and lakes known as Tule Springs. It’s a great place for a picnic, fishing, and taking your dog for a scenic stroll.

Sunset Park

If you’re staying anywhere near the Strip, Sunset Park is an ideal park to visit in the spring and summer months. Sunset has plenty of open space to walk your dog, whether around the man-made lake or the open running trails. Sunset Park also has a dedicated dog park if you want to let your furry friend off leash. If you’re in town during May, check out Pet-A-Palooza at Sunset Park. It’s one of the largest pet festivals to come through the city every year and promises a good time for humans and canines.

Lake Mead

For those who really enjoy the outdoors, take your pup to the lake. Whether you hike the Historic Railroad Tunnels, take a boat out at Calville Bay or stop at the Special Events beach, your dog is guaranteed to find something interesting to sniff at Lake Mead.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is another great option for people and pets that love the outdoors. Whether your cat likes to go climbing or your dog wants to go hiking, you can spend an entire day at Mt. Charleston. Rent one of the gorgeous cabins at Mount Charleston Lodge and take your pet up to Fletcher Canyon, Mary Jane Falls or Cathedral Rock for a day filled with exercise and nature.

Town Square

For a fun afternoon of shopping and drinking, take your pooch to Town Square. The open-air design of Town Square allows for spacious outdoor seating, and many of the shops welcome well-behaved dogs inside (provided they are leashed or in a carrier). Before you leave, stop at Lazy-Dog Restaurant & Bar; the dog patio and Fido-friendly menu make it a fun place for you and your dog to grab a bite to eat.


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