Five of the Best Sushi Places Around Las Vegas

Let me start by saying – I was not always a fan of sushi. I’ve never been a fan of fish to begin with; early memories of watching family de-bone them put me off the idea of ever consuming them. But as I’ve grown and developed a more complex palate, I’ve come to enjoy the famous Japanese dish in its many forms. If you’re in Las Vegas and looking for a new sushi place to try, or you want to try it and don’t know where to start, check out one of these places:

I Love Sushi

If you’re new to eating sushi, I Love Sushi is a great place to start. The dim lightning and traditional décor make it a fun place for family outings, small gatherings, or an intimate date night.  It doesn’t offer any all-you-can-eat specials, but their varied, eclectic menu ensures that you will never run out of options to try. Their menu boasts rolls with names like The Screaming Orgasm, The Jackpot, The Spider Roll, The Dynamite and the Double D. If some of the specialty rolls seem too intimidating, you can’t go wrong with an order of Rolly Rice, or the agadashi tofu.

While they don’t require reservations, it’s always better to call ahead especially on Friday and Saturday nights.


Osaka is one of the oldest sushi establishments in Las Vegas. Open since 1969, Osaka has provided a fun, entertaining dining experience for everyone that comes through their doors. Osaka is ideal for large get-togethers, especially if you’re interested in trying one of the hibachi dinners. The sushi menu has the typical items you’ll find at most sushi places, like the California roll, the Kappa Maki (or cucumber, if you prefer), and the Philadelphia Roll. Specialty rolls include the Liisa Lisa (shrimp tempura with avocado and cream cheese), Japanese Lasagna, and the Crazy Spider Roll (softshell crab and spicy tuna).

Reservations aren’t required but encouraged.


If your dining experience matters as much as the food itself, you can’t go wrong at Mizumi. Located inside the Wynn Las Vegas, Mizumi prides itself on its modern Japanese cuisine. The restaurant fits in with the overall aesthetic of the hotel, with its crimson and white décor and private Japanese garden, complete with a 90-foot waterfall and a koi pond. Mizumi offers both sushi and sashimi options, including Toro rolls, Black Tiger Shrimp, King Crab and Yellowtail.

Mizumi’s dress code dictates business casual for men and women, and children under five years of age are not permitted inside.

Sen of Japan

Sen of Japan is a great place to go if you’re well-versed in sushi and sashimi. They’re only open for dinner, but their late-night happy hour has proven to be a popular spot for locals.  The prices are a little higher than that of I Love Sushi or Osaka, but the flavor and the quality of the sushi make it well worth it.  If you’re feeling adventurous, try their thin-sliced octopus with spicy truffle oil or the foie gras. For something a little more traditional, the spicy salmon and tuna rolls are a safe bet.

There is no dress code at Sen of Japan, and reservations are not required.


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For an upscale sushi experience, try Morimoto . Created by the world-renown iron chef Masaharu Morimoto. Located inside the MGM Grand shopping center, it’s a perfect place to go for date night, or for a special celebration. Try the checkerboard sushi or the salmon rolls; if you’re a more adventurous eater, try the the oyster with uni foie gras, or the toro tatare.

While the prices are high, the service and the attention to detail make it worth a visit.



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