The Five Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

Americans are addicted to coffee; it’s been estimated that the average American consumes almost 3 cups of coffee per day. When you drink that much coffee on an average basis, sometimes Starbucks or Coffee Bean just doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking for a new coffee place to try in Las Vegas, here are five to check out:

Grouchy John’s

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Anyone looking for a colorful and comfortable place to read a book or do some work will enjoy Grouchy John’s. The diverse menu is heavily inspired by the original Star Wars Trilogy, with items such as the Yoda Smoothie, the Jedi and the Chewbacca. If that doesn’t pique your interest, try a Butter Beer Latte, or a PB&J Frappe.

Bad Owl Coffee

Fans of Harry Potter will want to visit Bad Owl Coffee at least once. Located in Henderson, the busy little café boasts a menu of items inspired by the film, such as the Siriusly Prosciutto sandwich and the Butter Brew Latte. Bad Owl also has lunch options, including Wizard’s Meltdown or a Bad Owl’s BLT.

Makers & Finders

Makers & Finders is one of the stand-out gems in the downtown Arts District. The South American inspiration behind the menu makes it stands out among other coffee bars in the city. Try a café con leche or a lavender latte, or a Cuban espresso if you’re feeling adventurous. Stop in you’re in the area for First Friday; it’s an experience every coffee aficionado should have at least once.

Madhouse Coffee

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Madhouse Coffee is a great place to visit, no matter the time of day. The twenty-four-hour coffee shop on the West side of town offers a variety of coffee, blended and espresso drinks. Madhouse also offers flaky pastries and vegan options for those looking for more than just a caffeine fix. Try a Michael Jackson iced latte or a Red Velvet Mocha if you want to try a signature drink, or The Usual Suspect if you’re feeling hungry.  Bring your dog along for the ride; Madhouse coffee loves its canine customers too.

Mothership Coffee House

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Located in Green Valley next door to a Trader Joe’s, it can be easy to miss if you’re not careful. Mothership is one of the more traditional coffee houses you’ll find in Las Vegas. Its small and intimate setting sets it apart from neighboring coffee shops, and the staff always greets you with a smile. Try their Lavender latte or nitrogen brew, or their Jasmine iced tea.


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