Seven Dog-Friendly Activities in Las Vegas

There was a time when people went on vacation, and you had to leave your dogs behind. You would be hard-pressed to find a hotel that would accept them, or places to take them to. Thankfully things have changed, with businesses and hotels slowly becoming more and more pet-friendly.

Las Vegas has a long way to go in this respect; out of all the properties on the Las Vegas Strip, only eight cater to pets. On top of that, city ordinances limit where and when pets can be out and walking around the Strip. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find things to do with your canine companion while you’re here. Check out these suggestions for things to do with your dog in Las Vegas:

Go for a Hike out at Red Rock

Red rock is ideal for humans and dogs alike. Go in the spring and early summer to avoid the scorching heat; you won’t find many trees or places for shade on Red Rock’s hiking trails.

Take a walk around Heritage Park

Located on the outskirts of Henderson, Nevada, the 160-acre park and multi-purpose sports development is an ideal place to take your pup on a bike ride, a long walk, or a trip to the Bark Park, a 3-area dog park that includes an agility course.

Have Lunch at Lazy Dog

With two locations in the valley (one in Town Square and the other in Downtown Summerlin), Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar welcomes humans and canines alike.

Explore Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a great place to visit year-round by yourself or with your dog. In the summer, enjoy the escape from triple-digit temperatures and the gorgeous hiking trails (Cathedral Rock is a good one for pets).

Visit Lake Mead

Take your dog down to the Special Events Beach at Lake Mead and have a picnic or stop and take a stroll down the Historic Railroad Trail.

Go Shopping at Downtown Summerlin

Downtown Summerlin is the place to take your dog if you need to do some shopping and don’t want to leave him at the hotel. Downtown Summerlin is the newest shopping and entertainment complex to open in Las Vegas, with a movie theater, and over one hundred shops and restaurants to choose from. Dogs are allowed inside certain stores as long as they are on a leash and well-behaved; if you’re in the area, stop at the Lazy Dog Restaurant (mentioned above) for a bite on the dog-friendly patio.

Go to Pet-A-Palooza

Pet-A-Palooza is one of the biggest animal/dog festivals to come through Las Vegas every year. Hosted at Sunset Park, it is a weekend-long celebration that is ideal for all ages. There’s live music, vendors, food, and drinks, and the best part is – admission for everyone (including the dogs) is free.


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