Things to Do in Vegas: Five Escape Rooms to Try in Las Vegas

It’s hard to run out of things to do in Las Vegas. Every time you come to Sin City, there’s a new restaurant to try, a new resident act to see, or a different nightclub to hit. But, if you’re looking for something offbeat to try (even by Las Vegas standards) and you can’t gamble anymore, try an escape room.


Fans of SAW and haunted houses will love the BASEMENT. First opened in Los Angeles, the Basement offers two rooms full of terrors and puzzles. The first is the eponymous Basement, the second is the Study. In both rooms, guests attempt to escape the crazed serial killer Edward Tandy in under forty-five minutes. The BASEMENT is best suited for experienced escape room players, horror enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good scare.


Xterious Escape

For a fun, family-friendly escape puzzle, try Xterious Escape Rooms. Xterious offers seven immersive scenarios to choose from, including the search for an antidote to a futuristic virus, to the hunt for a statue of an ancient sun god. It’s only place to set up a competitive escape game, where two groups go head-to-head in identical rooms.

Lockdown Escape Rooms

For a fun introduction into the escape room phenomenon, try the Lockdown Escape Rooms. With three locations throughout Las Vegas, one of which is on the other side of the Strip, it’s one of the most convenient places to book with.  Each location offers a variety of scenarios to choose from, from escaping a mad scientist’s lab to trying to find your way out of a mobster’s secret hideout. The level of difficulty ranges from easy to difficult, and the absence of live actors allows the guests to focus on the clues without interruption.

Rush to Escape

Rush to Escape offers two scenarios to choose from. In the first, you’re charged with finding a stolen letter that belongs to Sherlock Holmes. In the second, you’ve got to find a way to escape an abandoned part of a prison that is said to be where people disappear from. Rush to Escape allows children 12 and over to play, so it’s a great place to try if you’re traveling with family.

Lost Games Escape Room

The Lost Games Escape is another fun escape room to try in Las Vegas. Lost Games is ideal for anyone who enjoys a challenge and a creepy vibe. Lost Games is set to expand their story, but in the current room, you’ve been admitted to an insane asylum. You’ve got sixty minutes to find the antidote to a poison administered to you by the mad doctor that runs the place. There are no live actors in this escape room, so your group can focus on navigating the doctor’s chambers.

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